summer hours : closed on saturdays

archdale and thomasville store locations will be closed on saturdays for the months of june and july. we will resume normal saturday hours in august.

service : best upgrade..... ever?

spinning or platter hard drives have been the bottleneck for computers since... well we started using hard drives. solid state drives remove that bottleneck. older machines get a new lease on life, and the newer machines run faster, load quicker and boot like computers do in the movies. ask about a solid state upgrade today

service : wipe and reload

wipe and reloading is the perfect choice for those whose either don't save information on the computer, have it backed up already or are backed up with the online services they use like facebook and online banking. you will get a clean reload of your windows operating system, all the updates and security software for $65.00 + tax.

service : laptop repairs

from screen and dc port repairs to hard drives and ram we are a one stop service center for your laptop.  got a virus?  running slow?  we can diagnose your machine and get you back up to speed.

news : child internet safety

if you missed seeing it on the news here is the link to the fox8 report about child safety on the internet. lane foushee, manager of the thomasville store, adds some advice for parents.

click here for the story