celebration : 30 years in business!

affordable computers was established in 1993 and has been serving the triad for the last 30 years. thank you for giving us your trust and business!

service : electronics recycling with secure data wipe

when it is time to get rid of that old tower or laptop that's been sitting in the closet, we are here for you. if there is data still to be saved off of it, we can do that as well. Nothing to save, but the data has to be destroyed? we also offer secure data wipes for $20.00 + tax. any electronic can be dropped off with the exception of crt tvs and monitors.

upgrade : the best upgrade ever?

want the best bang for the buck for a system upgrade? want to get a some more life from that old slow machine? consider a solid state hard drive upgrade. breathe new life into that old pc with an upgrade that costs around $150.00 +tax.

service : virus removal w/ data save

when you have programs and/or data that needs to be saved we can work around the good stuff and just remove the bad. removal pin points the viruses and malware that plague you and safely removes the files affected well leaving your information and data intact for $125.00 +tax.

service : wipe and reload

wipe and reloading is the perfect choice for those whose either don't save information on the computer, have it backed up already or are backed up with the online services they use like facebook and online banking. you will get a clean reload of your windows operating system, all the updates and security software for $75.00 + tax.

news : child internet safety

if you missed seeing it on the news here is the link to the fox8 report about child safety on the internet. lane foushee, manager of the thomasville store, adds some advice for parents.

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